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The Congress of Micronesia: Development of the Legislative Process in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands


Exiles and Migrants in Oceania


Land tenure in Oceania


Pathways to the Present: U.S. Development and Its Consequences in the Pacific


Transactions in kinship: adoption and fosterage in Oceania


Upon a Stone Altar: A History of the Island of Pohnpei to 1890


Who's who in Pacific navigation


Yap: Political Leadership and Culture Change in an Island Society




Bikol Dictionary

Bikol Grammar Notes

Bikol Text


Carolinian-English Dictionary   

Cebuano for Beginners

Cebuano Language Notes


Da Kine Talk: From Pidgin to Standard English in Hawaii


The Fijian Language


Kapampangan Dictionary


Kapampangan Grammar Notes
Kapampangani Lexicon



Kusaiean-English Dictionary    


Mokilese-English Dictionary    

Mokilese Reference Grammar 


New Palauan-English Dictionary   

Palauan Reference Grammar     


Pacific Languages; An Introduction   


Pidgin and Creole Languages: Essays in Memory of John E. Reinecke




Sentence patterns of Indonesian


Tagalog for Beginners


Vietnamese Pronunciation


Woleaian-English Dictionary    

Woleaian Reference Grammar 


Yapese Reference Grammar 

Human Jurisprudance

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