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Code of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands 1980 Edition.


The 1980 Trust Territory Code was prepared under the authority of Trust Territory Public Law No. 6-70. It contained all current provisions of the Trust Territory Code, 1970 edition, all Public Laws of a general and permanent nature enacted by the Congress of Micronesia subsequent to the preparation of that compilation, selected provisions from Orders of the Department of the Interior having the force and effect of law and the constitutions of the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and the Republic of Palau as well as selected enactments of the legislative bodies of those governments. 


While the Trust Territory Code is no longer in effect, many statutes in the Federated States of Micronsia (FSM) are adapted from Trust Territory Code provisions. 


Cite to Trust Territory Code provisions as follows: 1 TTC § 1.


Volume 1

Trust Territory Code Table of Contents

Title 1: General Provisions

Title 2: Territorial Government

Title 3: District Government

Title 4: Municipalities, Towns and Local Governments

Title 5: Judiciary

Title 6: Civil Procedure

Title 7: Evidence

Title 8: Enforcement of Judgments

Title 9: Special Proceedings

Title 10: Eminent Domain

Title 11: Crimes and Punishments

Title 12: Criminal Procedure

Title 13: Probate Law and Procedure

Title 14: Trust [Reserved.]

Title 15: Juveniles

Title 16: [Reserved.]

Title 17: Administrative Law

Title 18: [Reserved.]

Title 19: Admiralty and Maritime

Title 20: [Reserved.]

Title 21: Aeronautics

Title 22: [Reserved.]

Title 23: Agriculture and Marketing

Title 24: [Reserved.]

Title 25: Animals and Plants

Title 26: [Reserved.]

Title 27: Aliens

Title 28: [Reserved.]

Title 29: Banks and Financial Institutions

Title 30: [Reserved.]

Title 31: Businesses and Professions

Title 32: [Reserved.]

Title 33: Business Regulations

Title 34: [Reserved.]

Title 35: Communications

Title 36: [Reserved.]

Title 37: Corporations, Partnerships and Associations

Title 38: [Reserved.]

Title 39: Domestic Relations

Title 40: [Reserved.]

Title 41: Education

Title 42: [Reserved.]

Title 43: Elections

Title 44: [Reserved.]

Volume 2

Trust Territory Code Table of Contents

Title 45: Fish, Shellfish and Game

Title 46: Housing

Title 47: Insurance [Reserved.]

Title 48: [Reserved.]

Title 49: Labor

Title 50: [Reserved.]

Title 51: Land Planning

Title 52: Fishery Zones Jurisdiction

Title 53: Citizenship, Emigration and Immigration

Title 54: [Reserved.]

Title 55: Ports and Harbors [Reserved.]

Title 56: [Reserved.]

Title 57: Real and Personal Property

Title 58: [Reserved.]

Title 59: Pubic Contracts and indebtness [Reserved.]

Title 60: [Reserved]

Title 61: Public Employment

Title 62: [Reserved.]

Title 63: Public Health, Safety and Welfare

Title 64: [Reserved.]

Title 65: Public Institutions and Welfare [Reserved.]

Title 66: [Reserved.]

Title 67: Public Lands and Resources

Title 68: [Reserved.]

Title 69: Public Officers and Agencies

Title 70: [Reserved.]

Title 71: Securities and Investments

Title 72: [Reserved.]

Title 73: Social Security

Title 74: [Reserved]

Title 75: Streets and Highways [Reserved.]

Title 76: [Reserved.]

Title 77: Taxation and Finance

Title 78: [Reserved.]

Title 79: Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights. [Reserved.]

Title 80: [Reserved.]

Title 81: Utilities and Water [Reserved.]

Title 82: [Reserved.]

Title 83: Vehicles




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